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Title: Dead Story
Release Date: 20 January 2017
Genres: Horror
Director: Suneel Tripuraneni
Actor: Kelsey Deanne, Chase Austin, Christopher Phipps, Sheril Rodgers, Jessica Willis, Suneel Tripuraneni, Jay Bowles, Jason Mcroberts, Terry Vanderheyden, Hope Holguin, Melissa Alouf, Charlie Pearce, Olivia Denton, Dougie Vee, Nerissa Hart
Country: USA
Language: English
Last Updated: 21 January 2017 at 6:56 am
In December 1914, a young bride, Caitlin, brutally murdered her husband, while he slept in his bed, at a remote Texas ranch. Again, in December 1944 and 1994, more horrific murders took place at the same ranch. In December 2014, ANNE (20’s) and her husband, HAROLD, have just moved into the ranch, believing that it offers the solace that they both crave. On their first night at the ranch, their friends, EMMA and NEIL, throw them a house warming party, with Neil asking them if they’ve heard the story of the ranch. Neil begins to tell them that this is a DEAD STORY, as it will get you “dead”, as opposed to a ghost story, which is just meant to scare you. Neil tells the story of the first murders to take place inside the house. After few days of living in the ranch house Anne and Harold finds out weather it is a fake or real story.